COCIN President Urges Executive Council to Make Difference

An Executive Council meeting of the Church of Christ in Nations, COCIN has ended in Vom, Plateau State with a call on members to see their roles as critical stakeholders to the growth and development of the Church.

While presiding over the meeting for the first time, President of the church, Rev. Dr. Amos Mohzo reminded the EC members that what matters to him is the value each of them creates in building COCIN because their positions are an opportunity to serve the people as God’s representatives here on earth.

He warned the new and existing members of the Council against seeing their positions as heroes while allowing the work of God to suffer failure and stressed that performance is measured on how God is pleased with the way they lead their members.

“It is not about how many years you have spent working in the Church at various Executive Councils but it is about how much impact you have made to the growth of the Church. Do not waste your time drawing sympathy from your people instead of relying on the actual mandate Jesus Christ commanded us to do which is to bring sinners to God”, he said.

Rev. Dr. Amos Mohzo read 1Corintians 12:18-23 and called on them to be united as members of the Executive Council stressing that only through unity of purpose and goals will they successfully accomplish the mandate of restoring sinners to God.

“You are to bear each other’s burdens so that we can together move the church forward. If one of us is sick, we should give him our support so that just like the human body, we will work for the common interest of the Church. We should shun jealousy among us and work together because if for any reason, any part ceases to function, the body will feel the absence of that part”, the leader said. The Executive Council meeting was preceded by a 2 day special retreat for the EC members in preparation for the Executive Council meeting where critical decisions concerning the church were made.